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Please Read: These demos are from the PGL tournament and have been converted to 1st person Pov. The name highlighted is the POV of the demo.

There are 2 demos marked as "faulty". These demos run fine but some weird things happen in the demos as far as a few graphics being out of place.


Frick def Soulnet (783 KB)
Thresh def Reptile (758 KB)
Reptile ties Unholy (876 KB)
Thresh def B2 (849 KB) - Faulty


Unholy def Lord Jim (777 KB) - Faulty
Reptile (769 KB) def Thresh (774 KB)


Thresh (794 KB) def Reptile (760 KB)
B2 def Frick (846 KB)
Thresh def Unholy (1.16 MB)
Thresh def Lord Jim (802 KB)

Disclaimer: These demos are for entertainment purposes only. Reviews do NOT reflect my personal opinion of any individual players or clans.
Download the demos and form your own opinion on the demos or the players involved.